• Document your goals, needs and plans

  • Evaluate your food selection, lifestyle and use of dietary supplements

  • Help you identify your nutritional imbalances

  • Guide you in the implementation of a personal nutrition plan that can help you achieve your personal goals


  • What your body and symptoms are trying to tell you

  • Tips to satisfy cravings

  • Customized food lists so you know what to eat for your unique body

  • Quick & easy recipes for you (and your family)

  • Healthy snacks at home, work or on the go


Nutritional Wellness Screening

30 Minutes

Can we work together? What are your expectations, health concerns, health history and lifestyle like right now? Where do you see yourself in 3, 6, 12 months? Learn how we can help motivate, coach and keep you accountable.

In-depth Nutrition Assessment

90 Minutes


This session is included and is the foundation of all our longer packages. In this session, you will learn what your body is trying to tell you it needs. Through comprehensive questioning, we will discuss your bio-individual nutritional needs (a follow-up session is recommended).

Follow-up Session

60 Minutes


In this follow-up session, we will discuss how best to move forward with the information discovered in the in-depth nutritional assessment. A plan will be formulated and recommendations will be made.

Super Focus Session

60 Minutes (Topic of your choice)


Do you have a nutritional topic you would like to learn more about? Do you want to host a night with the girls, a lunch & learn or corporate event and need a speaker? Or do you have a private nutritional topic of concern that you need to focus some attention on?

Reiki Energy Work

60 Minutes


Reiki is a Japanese technique (Rei meaning “Wisdom or Higher Power” and Ki meaning “Life Force Energy”) for stress reduction and relaxation. It is administered by “laying on hands” but there is very little touch involved! Reiki is based on the idea that we all have energy flowing through us that keeps us alive. When this life energy is low we get sick, and when it is high we are more capable of happiness and health. Reiki is a natural, simple and safe method of stress reduction and self improvement that everyone and anyone can use.

Health Food Store Tour

90 Minutes


Sure, most of us can navigate our way through a grocery store. A lot of us can even read a food label these days, but how confident do you feel about shopping your way around a health food store? When you are looking for specifics like gluten-free foods, dairy free milks, vitamins and supplements, do you feel anxious? Become a smart and savvy shopper by booking me to come shop with you! Let us know what you are specifically looking for and we can tailor a visit to the Health Food Store specifically for you!